The Verdict on Orion Program

NASA’s Constellation program is a program where NASA targets a manned flight to the moon, and create and support technologies that can kick start space exploration and open up the space frontier for mankind’s’ dream of space travel.

But President Obama cancelled the Constellation Program and the hopes of another mans’ moment on the moon comes down with it. Many people who work with the program grieve for the lost of their treasured project and those that lived and breathe that treasure was shock with the decision of shelving the program. The US is facing trouble times because of the economic recession that is plaguing the world. And because of this the budget for the constellation program was removed on 2011 fiscal budget, which generated a lot of criticism on President’s Obama’s move. 

But if you read out and think about the overall impact of the President’s move on the Constellation program, you can see the huge impact on both the fiscal and technological breakthrough that it can generate. The proposal of Obama is to shelve out the budget for the program and spend more on promoting commercial space flight giving incentives to companies that will privately fund space flight researches and those that are successful with their endeavor will earned the space flight contract of ferrying astronauts and cargoes to the spacelab and other space flight mission of the US. At first it may sound that Obama pulled the plug on the space missions but if you analyze the possible outcome of Obama’s space policy, it generates more jobs because NASA don’t need to monopolize the project of spaceflight and a lot of company will be vying for the project increasing the number of employees working on space development ten folds. This is on top of minimizing the budget of the government and putting it on a much needed project of the government.